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Today we launched a blog dedicated to measuring content marketing ROI! Read our first post here.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Adam Bullied as the Chief Executive Officer of SqueezeCMM effective Wednesday, January 22, 2014! You can follow Adam on Twitter @adambullied.

SqueezeCMM is part of the CIX Top 20, an annual listing of the twenty most innovative companies in digital media and communications technology. Read the announcement here!


The best content performance analytics for enterprise marketers


Make smarter use of your marketing budget


Built by marketers for marketers

A new tool promises to track customers' consumption of marketing content all the way from initial click to final conversion.

Jude Chao | The CMO Site Review

Definitely one of the 6 marketing tools that save my life as a B2B marketer.

John Watton | John Watton Blog Review

SqueezeCMM is an easy-to-use tool that provides very useful audience and content performance insights. It helps our marketing team at Cision Canada understand where their content actually generates ROI.

Terry Foster | Cision Canada


Hello! Welcome to Squeeze, the world's first content marketing performance platform.